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  1. Yikes! I found more WIPs! My daughter was over to “shop my stash” and get some help with baby quilts for a friend who is having twins. We found a completed top and a stack of “plus” blocks that would work well for complementary sibling quilts. She will make them her own by doing the quilting on both and assemble the blocks into a top. Just another way to finish up a WIP or two…

  2. I am easily overwhelmed by all my projects. The One Thing Challenge might help me tame the beast.

  3. One a month challenge has been my goal for 2019. I missed one month, but so far, I am on track. That also speaks to how many unfinished projects I have. In this process I have taken a keen eye to my list and I have abandoned a few. Like Dianne, I LOVE the excitement of starting a quilt! Nothing like the creativity it sparks and the fun of trying a new tool or technique!

    Fridays I try to put in some time quilting, half hour to as much as I can get a way with without disturbing family. Quilts for weddings and babies have a very short window and they add to getting the project completed. Momentum!

    May I give a shout out for retreats?! If you can get a way, a quilting retreat, stay focused and you can get a lot of work completed! The space is clear when you arrive. What a time saver! You can jump from project to project and there is always someone who knows more than you and can help you out of your worst jam! You can sew as long as you can, meals are prepared and the dishes cleaned for you!
    MPS Spring retreat is April 17-19, 2020 at Alton Collins.

    I have a dedicated room for my quilting and it is always a mess! This last project is a Instagram #SummerSampler2019, just three blocks to go then to design the top. By golly, I am going to get this top completed before year end!

    Then I have a bunch of projects with all the parts required, fabric, pattern, tools and just waiting for me to pick that project…..

  4. How apropos! Thank you for your inspiring words. I am doing a deep clean/ de-clutter and re-organization of my sewing / craft room ….finding all kinds of things I forgot about , making a guild donation bag(s) of kits and “what was I thinking” fabric and while I’m tidying coming up with ideas for finishing , finding backing, lessening the stress of too much……I can focus on what I really want to complete and really love…I even found some small quilts for hand quilting….

  5. I am reminded that Robin O’Neil sandwiches two quilts back to front. Then she has a new quilt showing by simply turning a quilt over. That way, two quilts will be finished with one “sandwich”. I am doing that currently with a vintage quilt of butterflies that I rescued. I then used other left over vintage blocks on the “back” for a whole new quilt.

  6. Wow! I love the One Thing Challenge! I’m going to give that a try.

    I, too, have many completed quilt tops. I went through a period of profound grief and piecing through the sleepless nights was my lifeline. Now it’s time to “sandwich” them and quilt them.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    -Nancy K.

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