When I’m Quilting, I just can’t live without…..


  1. I have two…my favorite pins are Bohin (France) Ultra Fine 1 3/8 inch pins. They are made with piano wire and are more flexible than the Clover Ultra Fine pins, therefore they bend less frequently. They slide in and out of the fabric so smoothly. My other is my big board Ironing surface. Home made and fits over an IKEA bookcase which has lots of storage. I use it for ironing, cutting (with a mat), layout, and just about everything else. (I’ll send pictures.)

    1. Where did you get the pins?

      1. Unfortunately I haven’t seen them locally. I’m sure I ordered them online.

    2. Thank you Marcia! I’m going to try to get those pins! I’ve been longing for some that go in and out smoothly and are flexible. Somehow they seem to know how to do things over there in France!

  2. My 4 ½ -inch tweezers. They can grab little threads and fit in places my fingers don’t. They can move little appliqué pieces and put things just where you want them.

  3. I second the mini wonder clips! I use them to keep pieces together for blocks, attach directions to fabric, hold the pleats in the masks while sewing. My favorite use is to hold sections of paper-pieced blocks while stitching them together with no distortion…more accurate than pins.

  4. My 12 1/2 x 3 Creative Grid was my most used tool until I discovered Quilters Select tools. After purchasing one Selective Grid, I then purchased two more. They truly do not slip when cutting. And the light yellow color and markings seem to help my aged eyes see more accurately. Friends know I am a fan of stars – I have worn out Fons&Porter Flying Geese ruler making stars. I have extra of that tool tucked away in case it goes out of production.

    1. Linda G., I, too, like the Quilters Select brand of rulers, because they really don’t slip. Thanks for the tip about the flying geese ruler. I’m planning a quilt with flying geese, so I’ll check it out

      1. I have also recently gotten into using Quilter’s Select thread, and have found it perfect for smooth piecing.

  5. Music. Alexa will play any style or performer. It really encourages me.

    1. Carolyn, what’s your favorite “channel”?

  6. I love my 2 1/2” X 6 1/2” ruler! Perfect for “jelly rolls”.

  7. I’m glad the presentation was helpful. I also do all of my binding strips this way. So much easier!

  8. I recently discovered Wonder Clips! Where have they been all these years?

    1. That goes without saying..

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