What I did at the MPS Spring Retreat…


  1. That was a fantastic retreat! So good to be inspired by each other’s work! Everyone has their own special talent in the quilting world and I was bless to be in that space all weekend! Thank you

  2. I had a great time at the retreat. Enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know others even better. Looking forward to the next one! Thanks for posting the great pics!

  3. Wonderful Retreat! Everyone chatted with everyone, shared threads and fabric, and passed on welcome tips and new techniques. The milieu is restful yet fills one’s spirit and creativity. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Dianne. I am always amazed by the variety of the projects appearing on the design walls at retreat.

  5. Gtreat pictures, loved the captions with them.

  6. Wow! Looks like such a fun time! Thanks Dianne!

  7. As always, you did a great job of showing off the wonderful experience and projects from the 2023 retreat. So glad it is up and going again.

  8. Great to get a sense of the retreat! It definitely looks like a good time was had by all! Thank you Dianne.

  9. Thanks Dianne. Looks like it was a fun and productive weekend.

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