What Are You Interested In?


  1. I enjoy reading the MPS blog – many thanks to the contributors who post such interesting stories. I’d like to learn about quilt shows, famous quilters (and their websites), new small quilt groups, and local quilt shops. Thanks for asking…

  2. I look forward to reading the MPS Blog and appreciate the variety of topics. I have learned quilting history, what’s new and techniques so please keep up the good effort. I will try to be more consistent with comments so you know folks are actually reading your work.

  3. I read every post and while some are more pertinent to me than others, I enjoy reading them all keeping me more current and sometimes willing to try something out of my comfort zone. I will comment more.

  4. Quilting techniques and quilt alongs

  5. I enjoy every post, regardless of the topic, because so much is going on in the quilting world. Please keep up the good work and I pledge to leave more comments!

  6. I’m interested in quilt shows, virtual and in person, and especially modern.
    Also, the Quilt Alongs would be fun.

  7. Is live to know about some interesting quilt bloggers to follow, and also if someone has been to Paducah or other quilt fabric towns- what’s the best places to go, are there things to entertain non- quilting spouses…

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