Vicky Would Be Pleased


  1. Thank you for sharing information about Vicky. Her spirit certainly lives on with her fellow quilters. As a new member, the Potluck was great fun and wonderful opportunity to meet members. I appreciate learning about Vicky – she is remembered and missed.

  2. The Silent Auction and Potluck is always one of my favorite MPS meetings. It is always so much fun and the food is delicious! I bid and won a day with Dianne McD, learning to dye fabric. Yea! I can’t wait!
    PS The silent auction was the brilliant idea of former members, Katy Yamada and Anne Derting, who were in charge of the VAMPF at the time. They had received a large donation of fabric and notions and thought an auction would be a great way to earn money for the guild. They were correct!

    1. I always wondered how the Silent Auction got started. Thanks, Kristi.

  3. A really fun night! Looking forward to next year.

  4. The Silent Auction and Potluck were so much fun. It was a great way to get to know each other better and have a fun filled evening! Thanks to all!

  5. Lots of wonderful food to keep up our spirits and energy. So many wonderful willing helpers. A great night. Thank you Mim and all.

  6. Thank you Dawn, for a wonderful write up on that evening and about Vicky. She would have loved such an event – quilting, friends & food! Stacey

  7. Very nice recap of the evening’s events. Thank you to everyone that made this a successful event for the VAMPF.

    1. What fun memories Stacy! Nice remembrance of Vicky! I wish I had known her better.

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