1. I have enjoyed seeing what is important in my life by what I have and am choosing to do each day. I am quilting a lot. Interesting, I am finishing up three projects that others have donated but I can’t pass on or throw away. The current project is made of 5″ blocks of “baskets”. The quilting accuracy is not great but I think I will really enjoy the finished quilt as a little table topper. I don’t think I would have ever done these blocks myself. Rosalie

  2. I’m finding that I’m avoiding anything that has to do with digging into those cluttered cupboards, drawers and closets. I have been sewing a lot. Set up my featherweight machine in the living room. It’s amazing how much can be done during a tv show. Still getting my training in via FaceTime with my trainer and riding bicycle listening to audio books. Also having Zoom meetings with friends. All is helping with the staying home scenario.

  3. It’s validating to hear others are also not just in the sewing area. As I sheltered in, I thought also that I would get to so/sew many projects. Imagine having not much to do but sit at a sewing machine! Well, there are conversations with my husband, FaceTiming with family, settling into a good book, long walks, and the garden. Seems I am chatting on the phone more often. I am thankful for all the activities to occupy me while ‘sheltering in’ with quilting just being one. And I appreciate all the MPS postings!

  4. Hi everyone! I’m so happy to hear that others aren’t being as productive as planned! When mandatory seclusion came about, I thought “yippee! Finally time to spend hours in my quilt room- finishing my MANY UFO’s! Amazing how I can still tell myself that I’ll get on that tomorrow! I have been making many masks, which take more time than I thought they would , but it does feel good to be contributing to the community. I also have 2 granddaughters who graduate from high school so I’m trying to pull from my stash to get those done. Funny how with all the fabric I do have , none of it seems to be “quite right”. Ordering on line is not that easy! Blessings to you all and I hope you are all well and being productive! Nancy Wollmuth

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