Small Group Retreat, Anyone?


  1. This looks like a great place! I’ve been retreating for years at a place near McKenzie Bridge east of Eugene. I still meet up with friends twice a year.

    If you’ve never gone on a small retreat, you have missed out! It’s like a slumber party for grown-ups.

    Is there a group planning to go, needing one more? If so, please think of me. Or if any of you want to go and know of some others interested and you need someone to help coordinate, let me know.

  2. This looks amazing for a small group retreat. Thank you Dianne. I’m ready to go see with or without a retreat. 😉

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Sounds and looks like a great retreat destination.
    Vickie R

  4. Sounds wonderful!

  5. It looks wonderful how ever no clue what the cost would be for say a four day stay.
    Janice H

  6. I was in a quilt shop recently and picked up their brochure. Looks intriguing!!

  7. Very nice place! Well appointed and a good location. Thanks for sharing. Jean K.

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