1. I also saw and enjoyed the show. Lots of wonder-filled eye candy! I took an Afghan teen who is very artistic and it was the first time she ever saw quilts on display, let-alone, art quilts. Once she got over the prices for the pieces that were for sale and with a little coaxing, she was able to see the work that went into each piece and appreciated what she saw. There was also an entry by Terry Grant, who was a founding member for MPS.

  2. Beautiful fiber art. I highly recommend taking the time to go see the beautiful quilts. The quilt “A Strong Girl” is amazing. But it’s hard to pick a favorite.

  3. I have seen the show twice, and would recommend it. Quite a variety of styles, and techniques. My favorite was a three part wall hanging with self tied fabric, and beautiful thread painting on it.
    Always great to support our fellow Quilter’s also!
    P.S. Hi Nancy! I was there that day also and saw your friend’s work, which was very lovely.

  4. Is there an admission fee?

    1. No, exhibits are always free at MAC.

  5. A good friend of mine is one of the exhibitors. Her name is Nancy Bryant and her spectacular quilt is entitled “Ode to the Ancient Forest”. I saw the show on opening day at the opening reception. The show is very creative, unusual and wonderful. See it if you can.

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