Same Team, New Name


  1. You are all amazing! The new name is just great! Thank you for all you do- I am not a techie at all so I am in awe of your skills. We are very blessed by your dedication! Thank you! Nancy

  2. I agree with Anonymous that we should not shorten the new name. Connections and Communications absolutely tells anyone who and what is important in this Guild!

  3. Wow, you three do so much for the Guild and do it so well.

  4. Love it! As a relatively newer member, I have been impressed with all the communications and welcoming connections! Thank you!

  5. Sounds just like many of our “founding Mothers” meetings, only we weren’t identified that way then. It is so wonderful to see the type of guild we were hoping to form and the ideals we thought important still going on. This is the best guild ever. The name you selected so better describes what this committee does. Please don’t slip into using just the letters; C&C tells someone “outside” nothing. I think it is important that we embrace Connections and Communications and let the world know that these things matter to us.

  6. You are all amazing and the new name is perfect.
    thanks for all you do to keep MPS going and growing.

  7. I completely agree with Dianne’s post. I have never worked with a more positive, creative, problem solving group. If anything good came out of the pandemic, causing us to become more creative is it! Thanks to all for what you do!
    Kim T.

  8. An amazing team with a great new name. I think we have the best team out there.

  9. Three cheers to our Connection and Communications Team!

  10. Connections and Communications is a great name and so fitting for you three do! But because there are three of you, I think Caring could be added. But then it boxes out others who might want to join the team. No matter what you call yourselves, you are doing a great job and are appreciated!

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