Quilts as a Powerful Method of Comparing and Contrasting Individual Stories


  1. Thank you guys for your warm comments.

    To bring this exhibit a little more alive, I thought that I would mention an example of each woman’s work.

    Carol Larson’s family physician realized very early on that she was going to be very tall, which at that time was considered not a good thing for a girl. At 17 she underwent surgery where her leg bones were shortened. This surgery ended up effecting her life: physically with some pain and disability, and emotionally. As a way of processing this life experience she made the “Tall Girl Series”, some of which were included in this exhibit.

    Marion Coleman explored the pain and difficulty associated with having an inter-racial relationship in her quilts. She was an African American woman and her long time boyfriend was white; they were unable to marry for many years, and suffered through discrimination, fear of legal retribbution, and an inability to celebrate their love publicly, and have the life they wanted unto much later.

  2. Great post. Moving works of art. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Naomi – Thank you for taking the time to write this short article. I appreciated it.

  4. thank you for sharing your Visual Arts Museum experience. I had never hear of these two ‘tall’ quilters and so enjoyed seeing their work and reading associated stories. A benefit in belonging to MPS is my quilting horizons are widened. thank you.

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