1. The layout app piqued my interest. The Photo Collage app is already loaded on my iPad, so I’ll give a whirl. I was also intrigued by the washi tape on the machine to use as a guide for Half-Square Triangles.

  2. Thanks for these tips. Missed the meeting because of illness. Great reminders and learned some new things as well.

  3. Oh my, so many great tips last night! How about the one about marking diagonal lines for half square triangles? Lee says to put your pen in the corner of the fabric first, then lay the ruler along the diagonal line. That way your drawn line is truly going to be on the diagonal. I also want to try her tip about setting your machine’s stitch speed at 50% and putting the foot pedal all the way down when doing decorative stitching. I want to try that on some scraps to test it!

  4. Washi tape seemed to be used for multiple tasks but I had never heard of it. Looks like it can be a fun, clever tool in the sewing room! Happy to learn about Washi tape and see the many sizes and designs.

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