Quilting by Checkbook


  1. Thank you for “reissuing” Teresa’s wonderful information. I finally used “quilt by check” and I used Teresa for the work. It was wonderful. I still push myself to do my own quilting and deliberately limit the size of my quilts to be able to quilt them myself. But I am so glad that we have Teresa’s skill to fall back to when I can’t finish the quilting myself.

  2. I’ve used several longarm quilters over the years with good results. Glad to hear how great Teresa is!

  3. I learned something new! I did not realize that batting has a right and wrong side. Thank you very much for sharing Teresa’s brochure!

    I use a machine quilter when I have a quilt too large for me to tackle on my regular sewing machine or I just don’t want to bother doing it myself. Teresa just completed a king-size double wedding ring that is absolutely beautiful!

    I’ve been quilting for 30 + years and have used several different professional quilters. Teresa’s work is the very best I’ve ever used. I look forward to working with her in the future!

    Peggy M.

  4. I love Teresa’s work and value her professional opinion about pattern, thread and quilting density. She’s an awesome partner since I really love piecing. Sara H.

  5. The option of quilting by check is a wonderful resource! I tend to use a long armer if the quilt is just too big for my domestic machine or if I have gotten tired of the quilt during piecing. I’m not a UFO quilter so having the option of sending a quilt for quilting out that I have simply lost any enthusiasm for is a wonderful option. How many UFOs are simply quilts the quilter became fatigued with while piecing it? Teresa is a delight – listens to my hopes, has wonderful suggestions, and turns quilts around in the speed of light!

  6. From the other side of quilt-by-check, have actually done long-arm quilting for customers. I found it sometimes challenging and nerve-wracking to try to do what the customer expected! However it was always very rewarding when the customer was pleased with the final result! Now I stick to charity quilts because the “customer” is always happy. Nancy W

  7. Teresa does wonderful work. She is the best long arm quilter I have used. Marilyn H

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