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Library Quilt

Saturday, March 16, 2019
11:00 to 4:30 PM
Beaverton City Library

MPS will be presenting the Guild’s bi-annual quilt show on National Quilting Day. Our quilt show Chair, Miki Landis, has been hard at work coordinating our show with the Beaverton City Library, who sees this as an excellent opportunity to educate the community about quilting.

There are a few parameters for MPS members to meet when entering their quilt into the show:

  • Entry forms will be accepted through the end of the guild meeting on February 26, 2019.
  • Attach a sleeve to your quilt to aid in hanging and to identify the top of the quilt. (see instructions)
  • It is important to submit a photo or sketch of your quilt, whether it is finished or still a Work In Progress.
  • You will be assigned to a quilt Depot Captain. You will deliver your quilt(s) to your Depot and the captain will deliver the quilts to the show as well as pick them up from the show. After the show, you may pick up your quilt(s) from your Depot. Individual members may not deliver or pick up their quilt(s) at the show.
  • This year, we will be asking the quilt show attendees to vote on their favorite quilts in several categories. You will be able to choose the category that best fits your quilt as part of the entry process.

You may enter your quilt online (preferred method) or you may print a paper form and turn it in at the Guild meeting.

Questions? Contact Miki at

Online Quilt Show Entry FormPaper Quilt Show Entry Form

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