1. I typically do a double fold binding and hand stitch it down on the back. Finishing a binding is one of the most fulfilling parts of quilting!

  2. Liz – Thanks for the list of possible tutorials for binding. I used to bind with zigzag and then got out of the habit. As with any skill, one has to practice to improve.

  3. Great work Liz. Want to post photos?

  4. Dianne, You have been very productive in meeting your goal. Thank you for the references. I love hand sewing so binding my quilt my hand is the ‘treat’ I look forward to as the final step.

    1. Author

      Linda, this post was actually submitted by Liz. And she has been very productive! I failed to give her the proper credit in the beginning.

  5. I also do double fold binding and hand stitch on the back. On my next quilt, though, I’m going to try single fold binding after hearing more about it recently. Congratulations on your progress with UFOs, Dianne!

    1. Author

      Dawn, Liz actually submitted this post, but I forgot to give her credit for it. I still like hand-tacking my binding, and I have two quilts packed up to do just that while we’re gone next week. But this time, I’m giving the single-fold binding a try.

  6. I typically do a double fold binding I hand stitch down. I also use a facing on smaller art type quilts. I’m going to check out your posted resources. Thanks.

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