1. A year ago when the challenge was presented to the guild, the anticipation of a difficult election seemed all we faced. But then so many horrid events happened in so many communities around us and in the world. This little quilt became the voice for many of us – expressing what we were experiencing, how we hoped to survive and how we would look when we become a new normal. Even the colorful, happy little village quilts reflect where we want to be in the future. Thank you all for sharing your creations and insightful meaning as you developed your quilts. The Show was indeed inspiring!

  2. Dianne, What a lovely summary. 💫
    Linda and Claudia, You were a marvelous team presenting each quilt, interviewing the quilter and reading the comments. ⭐️
    I hope the Guild makes a challenge like this an annual event. It was so inspiring to view the breadth of ideas, the artistry, imagination and skills among our members.
    Thanks to all 25 who presented. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  3. Dianne, your thoughts in the above paragraphs were very beautifully said!

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