Other Links of Interest

Quilters ResourceA one-stop site for all things “quilty”. Listed by state, you can find shows, shops, and much more.  Check out the new page, “Call for Entries“.

Quilting HubIn their own words, “QuiltingHub is the most trusted source to find and publish quilting resources worldwide. Our quilt shop list is second to none.”

Missing FabricA great way to let the world know that you are looking for that one fabric that the quilt shops don’t carry anymore.  Take a picture of your swatch, submit it, and see what happens….

Ultimate Guide to QuiltingGiftplum.com sponsors this resource page that has something for everyone.  Beginning quilters can find good information here, and so can parents or teachers that want to teach quilting to kids.  There are free quilt patterns available, quilting forums, and opportunities for the study of the history and culture of quilting.

Latimer Quilt and Textile CenterThis working museum is located in Tillamook, Oregon and its mission is to “preserve, promote, display and facilitate the creation of and provide education about the textile arts.”  A great place to visit.

Suzy QuiltsIn her own words, “Suzy Quilts is rooted in a deep love for the heritage and tradition of quilting and a desire to craft unique, contemporary textiles. With a BFA in visual communications, Suzy uses her graphic design background to transform conventional sewing into a fresh, personal interpretation of minimal, modern design.”  Click on her “My Quilts” link to see some great modern quilts.

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