MPS Is Celebrating 25 Years!


  1. I am delighted to be able to be a member of this special guild. As a “remote” member living out of the Portland metro area I am able to learn from the monthly speakers and the talented members of the guild.
    Vickie R

  2. I met Elena Miller at work, and she saw me putting together a quilt and invited me to attend a group of quilters meeting above the Mill End store in Beaverton. She let me know this group wanted to start a guild and would I be interested? It has been a life changing experience. Theresa B.

  3. Oops! Forgot to include my name. Sharon R

  4. I’m a Charter Member of MPS. I believe I was the quilter who came up with our name – Metropolitan Patchwork Society. It was exciting to be here at the beginning of our great guild. Many thanks to our Founding Mothers!

  5. A big thank you to our founding mothers and charter members. I’ve felt welcomed and nurtured since day one. Our members have such a breadth of knowledge and are willing to share.

  6. I deeply appreciate having this group to bounce ideas off of and to ask questions. Thank you.

  7. Three cheers to those 14 quilters who worked to establish MPS. I have quilted for decades and still learn from others in the guild and from the educational offerings. What would we have done without the Zoom fellowship of MPS during Covid’s shut in period? Another Three Cheers!!

  8. I agree! A great and invitational blog! I am so proud to be a charter member and to have experienced the growth and glory of MPS over the years! Thank you to each Founding Mother for their genius idea, each officer for their stellar leadership and each member (both past and current) for their contributions and participation in this great quilt guild. Congratulations and bring on the celebrations!

  9. What a great capture of the history of the guild and who we are today. Love this inspiring group of people!!!

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