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MPS Show and Tell Inspirations

First Tuesday of the Month
7:00 – 8:00 PM

Nothing gives us quilty inspiration like seeing the work of other quilters.  So we have come up with a Show and Tell meeting that is meant to inspire and get our creative juices flowing.  We are holding our Show and Tell Inspirations meeting over our Zoom platform on the first Tuesday of the month.

Any MPS member is encouraged to submit and share a completed project through our website.  There is opportunity to submit up to five photos of the same project so we can see the front, back, and even close-ups of the quilt.  The photos are then arranged into a presentation to be shown at the meeting.  The quilters are given a chance to talk about their quilt and to answer questions that come up.

Everyone is welcome!  A link to register for this meeting is sent to the MPS membership through email on the Friday before.  If you are not a member but would enjoy some inspiration, send us a request for the registration link to, and we’ll get it to you.

Our Zoom Show and Tell meetings are proving to be very popular.  It’s kind of like a monthly Quilt Show!

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