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Until we can meet again in person, this will be our space to inspire and encourage each other.  If you have a project you’d like to share, please send us your photo.Click Here to Send Photo

As an act of encouragement, please leave your comments below.  Be sure to refer to the quilt or quilter; and we’d love it if you left us your name and at least the first initial of your last name in the form below your comment.  Your email address and/or website info is NOT required.


Theresa Bezayiff

Was working on this Laura Heine “Pink Pump” quilt before getting sick. I hope to get back to it. I’m making my interpretation, a “Cinderella’s slipper “.Cinderella's Slipper

Teresa Koster

This is a project that I’ve had for three years. Every time I pulled it out it looked way too complicated. I was challenged by my small group to get a project and get it done. So here it is completed. And I am so happy with it.Teresa's Quilt

Meghan N

A baby quilt for my new grandniece in California. : )Meghan's Baby Quilt

Cydney Gordon

This is the first of two baby quilts for my grand nephews. The fish block is from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star fame. Her You Tube tutorial is called Summer School.Cydney's Baby Quilt

Lots of Face Masks

Kim Toffel

Hello All! Hope you and yours are all safe. Along with the ever popular toilet paper, 1/4” elastic is also harder to find than “Bigfoot”. I am making these masks and found that some stretchy material I had worked if cut into 1 1/2 inch strips , folded, and zig zag stitched. Doesn’t seem to fray and appears to regain its stretch. Hope it works! (Ruthann and Naomi..once an OT, always an OT, right?)Kim's Face Mask

Deb Messina

Working on masks to be used to help preserve the medical masks that are currently in such short supply. I’ve put up some info about this effort – along with some patterns on my website. QuiltersCornerStore.comDeb's Face Mask

Carolyn Bahrman

Our neighbor runs the local Mother’s Milk Bank. They are desperate for masks. Five of us are working on them including Jessica Cutright. If anyone has any elastic to donate, please call me. Carolyn Bahrman in the directory. Carolyn's Face Mask

Christie Frey

Inspired by Wendy Bond, I have been sewing face masks from stash all day. Having fun making these masks as well. Found multiple homes for them.Christie's Face Mask


  1. How can we see the older inspirations?

  2. Great work and inspiration all. Let’s keep this connection going.

  3. What creative and generous members we have in MPS. And fun to sew all the different projects!! Thank you all for the uplifting messages.

  4. Thank you to everyone who is posting comments and sharing their work. It is everything that I need right now. April looms long and a little lonely for me. Rosaliie

  5. Joyce, it is so hard when you lose someone you love. I think a lot of sewists work through their grief at their sewing machines. I’m glad making that cute top provided some healing for you. And how nice that the fabric came from an MPS drawing!

  6. I just love seeing all the wonderful projects and how each one has a story to tell. Well done ,ladies 💖

  7. Wendy. Thanks for the inspiration. It is good to see how much it means to those who receive the masks

  8. Thank you Wendy for making masks…..being the mom of a new nurse who works on the “Covid corner/ Coronaland” ( nurse humor) at Salem Health….THANK YOU !!!

  9. It’s fun to see what folks are working on. I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch.

  10. What a great idea for sharing and giving inspiration. Seeing everyone’s work is only second to seeing you each in person.

  11. Rosalie, love the Challenge Quilt!

  12. Rosalie, Love your creation with both your fabric and key stash. Marcia, Lovely quilt for a child. Dianne, What a dear little Holiday quilt- perfect to work on while traveling.
    As for the inquiry about the Birthday banners. Both my daughter and granddaughter are quilters so the many years of banners are tucked away. Maybe in 20-30 years, someone will do something with them.
    Karen Y was kind enough to teach me the folded flowers. Maybe it can be shared with the guild.

  13. Thank you for making this happen. Execution completes a good idea.

  14. Great work all! Linda great minds…I made this quilt also. I put flannel on the back. It went to my young niece whose battling cancer. I think she’s wrapped herself in it every day since she received it.

  15. Linda what a great idea! And to all of wonderful work! Keep on stitching!!

  16. Thank you everyone- What a wonderful start! I too love the idea of a birthday banner. I’m curious about what happens to the ones that are “ retired” each year? Linda- definitely a creative way to use Kaffe Fassett fabric. Diane- a fun idea to combine two unfinished projects together.

  17. Bravo, ladies of needle and thread, get up and go, and making things happen! Ruthann

  18. Marcia, what an adorable quilt! Love the prints.

  19. Linda, I love the idea of a Birthday Banner! Maybe you can teach us how to make the flower at Quilt College. And Rosalie, Finding the Key is brilliant!

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