MPS Inspirations Round 8

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Theresa Bezayiff

This is a Row by Row quilt that I made after traveling to Pennsylvania with my husband in 2018. I just finished quilting it.Theresa's Row by Row

Linda Howarth

I looked down a couple of years ago and took a photo of the sidewalk at my feet. Then looked at the photo recently and realized, there was another wall hanging. Just completed.Linda's Leaves

Karen Yandell

Finally finished the blocks I made in the “Crumb Quilt” class. It’s a narrow table runner. So glad it’s out of my UFO pile!Karen's Crumb Quilt

Linda Gillins

Fun pinwheel quilt for my nephew and his wife who are expecting their first child. I love to set blocks on point for more movement.Linda's Pinwheels

Lots of projects going out to the community

Jessica Cutright

My daughter-in-law and I have been making masks which have been distributed by a member of my Thursday sewing group. In Michigan, we had a fabric block exchange. I had over 300 8” squares that are currently being turned into masks. We have made over 500 masks of various kinds so far. My stash doesn’t seem to have gotten any smaller.Jessica's Masks

Bette King

This is a 40×54″ flannel-backed quilt which I will donate to Cares NW. Jennie from Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial on how to turn a square top into a diamond.Bette's Quilt

Kathy White

I started this in an MPS workshop with Sam Hunter. The print fabric was shared with me by a friend who thought it was too ugly for her to be able to use. I knew it would be perfect for this quilt, I’ll be passing it on to CARES.Kathy's Dingbats

Marcia Sanderman

This was a panel to which I added a border. The border and backing fabric were from the Vicky Arnold drawings. This is for Lullaby quilts.Marcia Lullaby Quilt

Marcia Sanderman

One more baby quilt for Lullaby Quilts. This will be the last one for awhile. It’s high school quilt time so I have to get those creative juices going.Marcia Lullaby Quilt

Marcia Sanderman

The back of the quilt.Marcia Lullaby Back

Marcia Sanderman

Another completed Lullaby quilt.Marcia Lullaby Quilt

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  1. Thank you for posting your completed projects; it is inspiring to see what other quilters are working on. I’ve been spending my time working on masks for family/friends and to donate.

  2. Perusing these projects is a wonderful way to spend time being inspired. Thanks you guys

  3. I really enjoy seeing everyone’s projects. Keep ‘em coming.

  4. So great to see everyone’s work! Encouragement to pull out those WIPs and finish them up!

  5. Karen – I loved seeing the crumb quilt table runner finished. I hope you love it in its current location. Looks great. Linda H – love the oriental feel of this quilt. Makes me wish that I took photographs of the world around me. Rosalie

  6. Viewing MPS member’s inspirations is a highlight of sheltering in place. It’s a little surprise quilt show! Great use of stash and fun to have UFOs completed. Kathy’s and Karen’s beautiful, finished workshop quilts bring a smile. So/sew many baby quilts. With all this sewing, why isn’t our stashes getting smaller? Thanks everyone for sharing your projects.

  7. Marcia, you’ve been busy for Lullaby. I think when we meet again we’ll spend the whole time on “show and tell.” I have 3 finished also.

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