MPS Inspirations Round 7

Sewing Supplies


Fran Meigs

Zipper pouches – each made from a place mat.Fran's Pouches

Ruthann Marquis

I’m taking a break from making masks. Since I am two weeks overdue from getting my hair cut (and it shows every which way!) I have started making headbands! I remember being inspired by Betsy Sayre at a quilting retreat when she made her own, right on the spot.Ruthann's Headbands

Linda Gillins

Got a panel and wonder what to do? I received this Oregon panel in my friends retreat gift exchange. It’s now in a quilted bag with internal pockets big enough for my larger rulers.Linda's Bag

Mim Gray

Our friendly neighbors just had a baby boy on Saturday. I had put this quilt together for them, Linda Gillins quilted it (free motion) and tomorrow I will present it to them. The simple pattern has jump started my imagination.Mim's Baby Quilt

Kathy White

This quilt celebrates our duck/geese hunting son’s 50th birthday in May. I used Sam Hunters Flying Geese pattern substituting a “50 any way you look at it” block for two of the large geese units. I started in it Feb. with the goal to have it finished by Mar. 31. Made it with 5 hrs. to spare.Kathy's Flying Geese

Theresa Bezayiff

Yeah! I was able to finish it. If you look closely you can see Cinderella’s mice friends.Theresa's Shoe

Teresa Koster

My 20 x 20. It was quite the challenge. Lots of Y seems. I nearly pulled out my hair. But I love it. I seen the pattern down in Salem. And I had just finished a project with 20 for Fabrics. I figured it would use up some more of the scraps. Why do my scraps keep growing?Teresa's 20 x 20

Teresa Koster

I just wanted to add a photo of my 20 different colors. For my 20 x 20.Teresa's Fabric

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  1. You are all so very talented, I love all the projects. Teresa, your project is spectacular!

  2. What creative and useful sewing projects – bags and headbands. Teresa, Your 20×20 is spectacular- both the challenging piecing and free motion quilting. And love the little mouse with Cinderella’s shoe.

  3. Nice work Kathy, Whew! that was done just under the wire 🙂

  4. Love the Oregon Panel and what you did with it Linda. Well done!

  5. Ruthann, I love your headbands. How do you make them, if I can ask?

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