MPS Inspirations Round 6

Sewing Supplies


Claudia Jakim

Another baby quilt.Claudia's Baby Quilt

Bette King

This is a sashed pinwheel with the squares offset. It is also for Cares Northwest.Bette's Pinwheels

Lisa Poehlitz

Just finished quilting and binding. Pattern is Bursting Stars designed by Joyce Gieszler of Quilterchick Designs. Started at her class at Quilt Camp last October. Will use in our travel trailer.Lisa's Stars

Marcia Sanderman

In going through a drawer in my old sewing room, I ran across four blocks and the left over fabric from a quilt I made my Nephew Turner back in 2010. I put it together for a charity Lullaby quilt. I like the way it turned out.Marcia's Lullaby Quilt

Linda Howarth

Totally organic process, nothing planned, it just grew. Teapots are from my collection and include, an old country rose pot from my mother’s set, one I bought in Italy, one is an old family pot with Mum’s tea cozy, there’s a set that belonged to my grandmother, and the pot I use daily. A joy to make.Linda's Tea Quilt

Rosalie Movius

These were more “found” blocks, quilter is unknown, that I made into this small wall hanging. Not something I would ever do on my own time. Smile.Rosalie's Baskets

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  1. So inspiring! I love seeing these treasures that you are creating during our isolation hours. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are wonderful quilts. Is there such a thing as being over-inspired? I need more time!

  3. Oh WOW!. Such fun to see what everyone is finding and finishing up. Keep at it.

  4. Don’t forget that you can also make very simple quilts that we can embellish later for “fidget” quilts. Sometimes my leftovers are not quite up to the level of a “finished” quilt. The fidget is a great use of those bits and pieces. Rosalie

  5. Such fun to see what and how everyone is working on! I must say it is nice to be moving on from making masks! I continue to work on Jen Kingwell – Long Time Gone- I’m using my scraps and the many pieces in my stash. I finished a cloth map of the United States for my daughter in law to use in her classroom- it’s been a WIP for a LONG time!😊 I’ll try to send a pic. It is nice to have an abundance of time to get reacquainted with all the projects I’ve started and left behind undone! Blessings to all! Nancy Wollmuth

  6. Certainly appreciate the continued eye candy! Great creations, everyone!

  7. Wonderful quilts! Betty, I believe that you often make quilts for Cares NW. 👏👏👏 You are my inspiration to make some donation quilts now!

  8. Scrappy colors everywhere!! What great use of your stash. The orphan blocks found a home. Love the tea blocks and their legacy.

  9. Teapot quilt…precious. Love the quilted items. Made me want to have a cuppa

  10. Enjoyed seeing all your work. I really like the scrappy baby quilt and am gearing up to challenge myself to working out of my scrap bin. Lisa **fabulous**!

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