MPS Inspirations Round 4

Sewing Supplies


Karen Sandberg

Baby blanket for Assistance League of Greater Portland fundraiser that unfortunately has been postponed. Quilted by Marcia Sanderman.Karen's Baby Blanket

Fran Meigs

Lil’ Something jacket – I haven’t sewn garments before, but with the help of a friend made this. Yahoo!Fran's Jacket

Julie Rinder

It’s done! I began this project in ~1985. I remember buying all this little quarter yards of fabric for the flowers before there were fat quarters. I had a difficult time making round centers, so I embellished them with embroidery, which is actually kinda cute.Julie's Flower Quilt

Marcia Sanderman

This finished quilt was a project from my small quilt group. We were to take a pattern or project that we had either the pattern or pattern and fabric for from the past that we hadn’t started. This quilt, pattern called Quilted Village, was one I had had for many years. I don’t think I would have completed it without the accountability of the small group. Teresa Koster quilted it for me.Marcia's Houses

Theresa Bezayiff

Found this quilt, “Drunkards path ” at the recent antique show. It’s hand pieced and hand quilted, circa 1870-1910. It is an unusual color:black?Drunkard's Path

Theresa Bezayiff

Another quilt I purchased at the recent antique show “pinwheel in compass rose” circa 1860-1910, hand pieced and hand quilted.Pinwheel

Nancy Wollmuth

Nancy is making masks for St. Vincent’s Cardiac Cath LabNancy's Masks

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  1. Julie- clearly this will bring lots of cheer to your home! Marcia, those little houses are really beautiful, and Teresa did a really great job quilting it. Antique quilts really touch a quilter’s soul. Enjoy them.

  2. Wonderful!
    Julie–you go girl!
    Fran–Congratulations on your first garment make.
    Karen–There’s a very lucky baby out there that’s going to get that quilt.
    Marcia–I hope I get to see that quilt in person some day. It’s lovely.
    Theresa–Thanks for sharing your great antique finds. (I think it’s charcoal)
    Nancy–Great masks!

  3. Nice work on those masks Nancy.

  4. I sent our Metropatch link to my sister, Merrily in Eugene. She is enjoying the photos as well. I am impressed, Marcia, that you have a pattern and fabric hanging around for such a fun quilt. Maybe in August we can all bring our completed projects in to show on tables at the Guild meeting. Rosalie

  5. Great work everyone! All this time has allowed those UFOs to come to life and opportunities to try something new. Thanks for sharing the antique quilts.

  6. Great work everyone! Love seeing what everyone is doing and creating! Ruthann

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