MPS Inspirations Round 2

Sewing Supplies


Anita Daggett

This mystery is in it’s fifth day and all parts are free. If you decide to do it, there is an error on day 5. The blue and pink squares should be 2-5/8” not 2-3/8”. The designer posted an update, but when I last looked, the pdf was still wrong. It’s been fun digging through my stash while I stay home and stay safe!2020 Mystery

Jody Olson

This is an “I Spy” charity quilt for a woman’s & children’s shelter. I still have to add the outer border, but not sure what it’ll be yet and I guess it’ll be awhile before I can deliver it. Stay Safe and Happy Quilting!!!!I Spy Quilt

Joyce Casey

At the end of January I lost my SO [Significate Other] to a heart attack. I was devastated and lost interest in sewing. At the February meeting I won this fabric in the raffle and it inspired me to start sewing again. I know it’s not a quilt, but this fabric and project helped bring me back!Joyce's Project

Ruthann Marquis

Although not an inspiration per se, I have made a few of these handy little sewing machine mats that I will share for the MPS silent auction when it happens. Several auctions ago I got to take this quilted chicken fabric home and I have now used the last of it! Let the bidding begin…..Sewing Mat

Wendy Bond

I was asked to make PPE (personal protection equipment) for an OB nurse. She cried when she got it as she felt supported as a front line supporter. She only gets 1 mask a week.Mask

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