MPS Inspirations Round 18

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Kim Toffel

I found this modified “Grandmother’s Flower Garden “ pattern in one of my magazines. I enjoyed having a “portable “project to work on while visiting family back east. I also like hand quilting and felt the pattern just called for this.

Linda Howarth

New twin beds so of course two new quilts. This is the first. Using up scraps plus my mother blouses. My sisters will enjoy a little our late mother when they stay over…one of these days.Strip Quilt

Rosalie Movius

This was a challenge quilt with blue cowboy/cowgirl fabrics from my friend, Sara Hart. I always ask what touch will lift a quilt from good to great. The large red rickrack did that for this quilt.

Ruthann Marquis

This quilt was started at Quilter’s Affair in 2018. in a class taught by Kathy Doughty. It is the most creative piece I have ever made! Each little person was made without a pattern and lots of imagination. It pictures my 5 brothers and myself in the woods at the end of our street where we played in the creek and walked on the tracks during the summer. Teresa Koster outdid herself with the quilting!

Jean Kelly

This quilt was made for our cousin, Ellen Kelly Mange, in remembrance and celebration of her husband, Ken, who passed away last spring.

Jean Kelly

These quilts were made for Ellen Kelly Mange’s sons, Brennan and Brian, in remembrance and celebration of their dad, Ken, who passed away last spring.

Jean Kelly

This quilt was made for our new great nephew, Jude Elliot Ambrosich who was born July 23, 2020. The pattern is Strips of Tricks from the book “By the Bundle” by Emma Jean Jansen.Jude's Quilt

Dianne McDonnell

This was a quilt from the “Big Leaf” class taught by Pat Pauly way back in 2015. Most of the fabrics are my own hand-dyes. The bright yellow and the dark batik on the right side are commercial. I finished this with a quarter-inch single-fold binding.

Dianne McDonnell

This quilt came from the “Gateway to Mongolia” class taught by Maggie Ball in the spring of 2018. I dyed the fabrics just for this project. This is finished with a 1/2-inch single-fold binding.

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  1. Loved seeing these quilts and hearing from their creative makers!

  2. Such different quilts and all creative. The remembrance quilts are very touching.

  3. Beautiful work everyone! So much wonderful creativity and color 💖

  4. “Inspirations” is truly the correct sentiment! Every one of these wonderful quilt projects inspires me to be a bit more creative. Thank you all for sharing.

  5. Every Inspirations page wows me with the creativity and energy of our quilters. I love the traditional, the modern and the straight-from-the-imagination designs. Way to go, MPS!

  6. Beautiful, thoughtful works ladies! Thanks for sharing!

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