MPS Inspirations Round 16

Sewing Supplies


Teresa Koster

I took an online class on how to stitch blocks. I purchased a panel because I have no time to make quilts for myself. The practice on these blocks has been amazing I have learned so much and I was bound and determined to master feathers. I have improved on all of the Phils.Teresa K Panel Quilt

Teresa Koster con't

I also wanted to show you the back of my class project. It turned out as a whole cloth quilt. I love it.Panel Quilt Back

Teresa Koster

I have a wedding I’m going to. So I found a jelly roll of color and one of white and put together this gorgeous thing. I put all the leftovers on the back.Teresa K Wedding Quilt

Martha Tait

I had lots of leftovers from a birthday quilt I made for my mom a few years back (mostly hydrangea prints because they’re her favorite). So, here’s my “Happy Hydrangeas” quilt.Happy Hydrangeas

Theresa Bezayiff

I have been busy finishing projects.Table Runners

Theresa Bezayiff

This was a block from last years row by row. I liked it so much I decided to make it a wall quilt.Wall Hanging

Linda Gillins

Judy Liebo pieced a striking labyrinth at a MPS retreat. When I ran across this Christopher Florence (Portland quilt designer) pattern, I decided to give it a try. The biggest challenge was quilting black thread on black fabric with my aged eyes. I continually used a lint remover to pick up any lint while quilting. Fun wall hanging but no more quilting black thread on black fabric for me.Linda Labyrinth

Linda Gillins con't

Close up of the pebble quilt design. Black thread on black fabric was the challenge.Labyrinth Close Up

Linda Gillins

My grandson’s 5th Birthday Banner. He loves playing with cars and trucks. I make 12×12 birthday banners for my grandchildren. They have a ritual of opening the new banner first, taking down the previous banner, and putting up the new banner before opening other presents. The new banner is hung for a full year. My challenge is coming up with new Birthday Banner ideas every year.Birthday Banner

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  1. Beautiful work ladies! So inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you all for a quilting jolt; really wonderful variety, and such warm sentiments. Time to stop looking and get sewing!

  3. And we just keep quilting. These all make me smile and feel good. Love the birthday banner idea Linda. Lovely way to use up those leftovers Martha.

  4. Again, inspiring and amazing work everyone! Thanks for sharing! Ruthann

  5. What an amazing collection of quilts. Teresa K, Your creativity and skills are so appreciated by everyone who uses your long arm abilities. Martha, What a lovely quilt and a reminder of your mother’s quilt – great photo! Theresa B, The lemonade quilt is perfect for hot summer days.

  6. Linda, your blocks quilt seems is amazing. It seems to come out of the background. The pebble quilting is fantastic.

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