MPS Inspirations Round 15

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Jody Olson

Foxes & Bears for a grandson.Foxes and Bears

Linda Gillins

Hand pieced, turned edge, and hand quilted summer wall hanging made with mostly batiks. Recently, I have rekindled my enjoyment of hand quilting – fun, portable and relaxing.Summer Wall Hanging

Dawn White

Uptown Funk (24″ x 26″) is my version of “Dresden Neighborhood” by Persimon Dreams. It was so much fun to make! Uptown Funk

Dawn White (con't)

In keeping with the uptown theme, the back of the quilt features a whimsical print of young women picnicking and walking their dogs in Central Park.Uptown Funk Back

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  1. These colorful reminders that creativity goes on are so welcome! I love the glimpses into other quilters’ work.

  2. I always love seeing what others have been working on! These are wonderful.

  3. Another great round of eye candy! Ruthann

  4. Jody, it’s great to see the whole quilt now! It is absolutely adorable! And Linda, I agree about the hand quilting. Lots of work, but very enjoyable and relaxing. I am hoping the quilt I am hand quilting will be ready for the next round. Dawn, I love your choice of fabrics. Fits perfectly with the design.

  5. Inspiring Inspirations!

  6. Amazing quilts! Each one is so unique.

  7. I also loved all of these submissions. Foxes and Bears is darling. I will be doing some hand quilting on my next quilt, so will think of you, Linda. Rosalie

  8. Wow…these are all so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Your grandson will probably love spotting the hidden animals, Jody. Linda, doing handwork while watching TV in the evening is my new normal. Love your work. Dawn, what a modern twist on a “house block.” Awesome works ladies.

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