MPS Inspirations Round 13

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Jennette Luther

Quilt made for Maia Luther, Granddaughter graduating from Skyview High School. Quilted by Teressa Koster.Jeanette Quilt Front

Jeanette (con't)

This is back of quilt to show quilting.Jeanette Quilt Back

Christie Frey

20x20x20 project completed. It was fun to see what 20 stash of fabric can make. The inspiration for this was a brochure I have had since 2004. It was fun to put the image into fabric. I used fuseable web and quilting to hold in place.Christie 2020 quilt

Claudia Jakim

First of two baby quilts this summer. This niece is in the Coast Guard. The quilting does not show it well but there are three anchors. Shipping out this week.Claudia's Whales

Linda Gillins

This charity NICU quilt was a collaborative effort. Mim Gray used fabric scrapes to make the string block. I pieced and quilted it. The NICU staff tells me these colorful quilts are favorites. NICU Quilt

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  1. I’m always so impressed with the variety and creativity demonstrated by our guild members. There are truly inspirational and challenge me to be a better quilter.
    I also appreciate the collaboration among members like Mim and Linda are doing.
    Thanks to each of you for sharing.

  2. Agree that all of these are wonderful. Making a quilt from my scraps is my next challenge. I’ve got to get inspired for the 20X20 challenge…Scary that October 2020 will be here before we know it!

  3. Each one really is an inspiration during this time.

  4. I love seeing these. It is great inspiration for cooped up people! I really miss our guild meetings but this helps a lot.

  5. I totally agree- they’re all great! The bar has definitely been raised for that 20X20 challenge. So fun to imagine your niece opening up that baby quilt. Jeanette – what a nice gift for a graduating Senior- especially nice since they’ve missed so many traditional Senior activities. The NICU quilt will comfort the baby and his/her mother- thanks for sharing.

  6. I love all of these! The diamond pattern in the string pattern is wonderful. Whales are perfect for a Coast Guard baby. The 2020 challenge has been taken up a notch. That graduation quilt is so sweet–Maia will love it.

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