MPS Inspirations Round 10

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Naomi Moran

This is a pillow for my husband. It was a labor of love. It started long ago with each little hand done hexi, then my grandmother’s flower gardens were created, then hand sewn onto the pillow fabric. However, too firm a pillow selected online; it almost catapulted my husband off of the couch. Naomi Pillow

Nancy Wollmuth

Nancy's Map

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  1. Nancy and Naomi, thanks for sharing your creations! They both made me smile—— especially the thought of your husband“catapulting off the sofa! 😊 💞

  2. Naomi- loved your hexi pillow! They are very fun to make, hope your hubby survived his catapult!😂

  3. Nancy, love the map quilt and the quilting complements it nicely. Where did you get the panel?

  4. Naomi-great finish on the pillow! Nancy-map quilt is fun. Bet your grandkids will enjoy it too!

  5. Nancy, love the quilt. Shows how panels can be great option!

  6. Naomi, you are so funny. Pillow looks great even if it is a little too full. Nancy, that must have been a fun project to finish.

  7. Naomi, Love your use of black in the pillow. The pillow reflects your skill and patience.
    Nancy, Hoping your map quilt allows you to dream of traveling in the future.
    Thanks for sharing ladies!

  8. Naomi, lovely work. I have done just a small smidge of hexi work and can appreciate the labor going in to it. Congrats on finishing it! Ruthann Marquis

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