Motivation to Finish


  1. I seem to finish projects best when I have a deadline. I especially get stuck on a project if something goes awry along the way. Sometimes it’s difficult to get back to the project in these cases.

  2. Christie, How fun for you to socialize with Tula, piece a lovely quilt and win a wallet. Look forward to seeing your completed quilt at Show and Tell Inspirations. Personally I receive much satisfaction from working on all phases of the quilting process but my very favorite part is doing the hand binding. Often while working on a project, I imagine myself doing the hand binding. Guess that final step of binding is a big motivator for me.

  3. To be honest, my motivation is just to get the quilt done! I’m a pretty slow quilter; and usually, I’ve moved on to an idea for another quilt at about the time I’m halfway through the actual quilt I’m working on. Then it becomes a push to “get the thing off of my design wall.” Wish I had a more noble motivation.

  4. For me, it’s usually an event that motivates me…like getting the baby quilt done before the child graduates high school. Only kidding, but it is usually event motivated.
    Kim T.

  5. My motivation these days seems to be to just finally finish it or use it up. There is something quite satisfying about not having any of that fabric left to put back in the cupboard. It’s fun to see how you can make what you already have work.

  6. Nancy W- adorable quilt Christie and such a neat pic of you and Tula! Finishing is one of the biggest obstacles for me. I don’t like to machine quilt the top so I have to send it to a longarmer and by then I’m on to my next project, quickly forgetting the “almost done” project. I have way to many UFO’s! Finding the motivation to finish is my hang up! Anyone else have this issue? Thanks,

  7. I am motivated to have at least one quilt ready by Thursdays at Ace Sew and Vac for me to finish hand sewing on the binding. I don’t take my small machine with me any more unless it should be for a class. Then there are our first Saturdays sewing and that week I need to have two quilts ready to finish the binding.

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