Miniature Quilts

Miniature Quilts

Cluck Cluck Sew Mini Quilts

Some of the best things in life come mini-sized:  mini Snickers bars, mini vacations, and of course, mini quilts! While miniature quilts have been around for decades in the form of doll blankets and pot holders, the mini quilt craze of today has widened to include mug rugs, table toppers, and especially wall hangings. These minis can be found in various (small) sizes and shapes, but according to the American Quilter’s Society a true miniature is 24 inches in both width and length, with the patchwork being quite tiny.

One of our MPS small groups, the Ladies of the Cloth, have taken on the challenge of creating their own miniature quilts. The guidelines are simply to create a quilt no larger than 96 inches in circumference. Marcia S. has a cute little paper pieced birdhouse mini under construction. The blocks are only 2 1/2 inches!

Marcia's paperpieced miniature quilt block
Marcia’s paper pieced miniature quilt block

Marcia says that with miniature quilts accuracy is the top consideration, both in your 1/4” seam and your pressing.

Many quilters are finding mini quilts to be a rewarding creative adventure: we can try new techniques or color combinations without a huge amount of time, money, or effort.  We get instant gratification, seeing those little blocks go together quickly.  And they are great for stash-busting!

Looking for inspiration for your own mini quilt? Consider taking a larger quilt and scaling down the block size or overall design. One fun development in the trend is that many quilt pattern designers have done just that by taking their most popular patterns and turning them into minis. The quilts above are by Allison Harris of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.

Have you made a mini quilt? Are you ready to try one for yourself? We’d love to see your creations!

Submitted by Barbara S.

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