Men’s Fashion Collides with Quilts


  1. This is one of those moments when I want to ask the designer “Have you actually looked at yourself in these clothes?” Not my cup of tea.

  2. Women and quilters have been repurposing fabrics and quilts for ages. My grandmother sometimes used an older quilt as the batting for a new quilt. And quilts and fabrics were reused in my grandmother’s woven and braided rugs. Fun images of young men wearing quilt patterns but could not image spending all those dollars on the item. I suppose we should never be surprized at what comes around again and again. Thank you for the articles, Naomi! Enjoyed reading them.

  3. I must admit that my feelings are mixed about this. While his idea is not new (women have been making and wearing patchwork jackets through the generations), I really appreciated his unique styling. I liked what I could see of Dr. McKarn’s jacket, but I scoffed when crazy quilting was described as “an all but forgotten 140-year-old technique”. There are many valuable quilts in the world (and sometimes in 2nd-hand shops), but let’s face it, not all quilts are valuable; so repurposing an old quilt works for me. The jackets are hand-made, making each a one-of-a-kind item; and the idea of passing the jacket on to someone else when finished with it is a great idea. While I’m not inclined to spend upwards of $1000 for a jacket like that, I have to say that I’m kind of inspired to try making one for myself.

  4. Reminds me of the jeans I artfully patched and embroidered for my college boyfriend in the early ‘70’s .they made the cover of the college course catalog …..what’s old is new again …..looks great on a SoCal surfer boy , but I’d like to see one for a 70 yr. retired husband ….. 😂🤣 thanks Naomi !

    1. Too Funny!!

    2. Why don’t you give it a try for your husband?! Might add some pizzazz!
      P.S. Brings back memories of embroidering a complicated dragon on my BF’s denim work shirt!

  5. Thanks Naomi for passing this on and to Dianne for posting it. I think I have a couple of jackets in my closet that don’t look too different from his, except mine didn’t start out as quilts.

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