Is this a good idea?


  1. Sorry but I can’t stop laughing.

    1. Oh, that’s because you know me so well. 🙂

  2. Dianne – I loved your story. Rosalie

  3. Thanks Dianne. Great story. I think we all have a few stories of purchasing a “cool” quilting item that was a flop. Oh well. Life, and learning, are all about trying new things.

  4. Oh what to say! Such determination and creativity to master free motion quilting. Love your spirit rising to this challenge. While watching a quilting show many years ago, Ricky Tims came on as a guest and did a quick demonstration on free motion quilting. It was not so much his techniques but his custom table that got me excited. The table allowed his sewing machine to sit inside, making a level surface and had expansion leaves lifting in every direction. It was a great design and does make free motion quilting easier (as well as having your chair at the right height). Some quilting ideas are like recipes – they need a few changes to make them personal. Thanks for sharing your road to better free motion quilting.

  5. Been there and done something like that too! Just this morning on Pinterest saw this cool idea for 1/2 square triangles that do possibly involve new equipment. I think I’ll take a buyer beware attitude! Thanks for the cautionary tale! 😊

  6. Thanks for the review, Dianne! I have watched the same video and wondered how it would work. I bought the commercial product and had similar issues. Blue tape gets fuzzy and doesn’t hold super well, packing tape hold but is difficult to remove from the Sew Steady table. I agree these items would work best with a machine set into a table or cabinet. Maybe other members have helpful hints?

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