Gee’s Bend Quilters


  1. I still love watching the video and appreciate the additional information from the article. It’s touching to hear a quilter note her ‘work has worth’ and to hear a quilter say ‘women with money is a great thing… freedom.’ I’ve been following Gee’s Bend Quilts for many years and even got to see their first exhibit in Seattle. Glad they are getting a full range of acknowledgement.

  2. Before I moved from Michigan here to Oregon, I donated two SUV loads of fabric to a woman who made yearly trips down to Gees Bend. While not a quilter herself, this woman, Janet, give several talks and exhibits in Michigan about these quilts.

  3. Most interesting. Thank you Neena, Linda and Diane for calling this to our attention.

  4. I was very fortunate to meet some of these ladies at the Sister’s Quilt Show in Sisters, OR. Their creative talent is absolutely amazing. Ann T.

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