1. I wish there was time to do EVERYTHING!

  2. What a great article! It so illustrated and reinforced the underground world of roots and communication that we are so unaware of. A great read on the world under our feet is The Overstory by Richard Powers. The colors that emerged from cooking those fungi were amazing! Maybe a mini-workshop idea????? Thank you for sharing!

  3. I loved this article! Makes me want to go on a hike with new eyes.

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this information. I can’t explain it, but when I look at the colors on the color wheel, they seem very calming. Does anyone else get this feeling?

    1. I definitely do. To me, they resemble the colors of the forest and I love being in a forest. It’s good for the soul.

  5. Interesting, Thanks for sharing. Love her home.

  6. Very interesting article and video.

  7. So glad this OPB article was shared as I missed it on Art Beat. Julie Beeler is indeed a scientist and artist. What a beautiful landscape her home and art studio sits! Thank you for getting the story on MPS’s website.

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