1. Great idea! I’m heading off on a three week trip soon and I will look for interesting shops along the way.

  2. My daughter and I visited The Gathering Place in Rupert, Idaho last year. Upon arriving we looked across the street from the shop and noticed a little park, actually a historic block with an old theater at the North end. It reminded me of the town square in the movie The Gilmore Girls. The quilt shop did not disappoint. Room upon room of beautiful fabric, and the ladies were so welcoming. I later found out that one of my brother-in-laws grew up there. Even being blasted by huge tumbleweeds on the freeway didn’t deter us. You have to check it out.

    1. We travel down I-84 once every two years or so. I can see a short detour is in my future. Sounds like a great place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Just got back from Anchorage, Alaska and spent hours with my daughter-in-law in the quilt and yarn shop called Quilt Tree. They had so many fabrics lines. I feel in love with some novelty fabrics. One panel had 70 national parks represented. Another favorite was people dancing in rain puddles with brightly colored umbrellas. Have no idea what I will do with these but had to buy them.

    1. Can’t wait to see them.

  4. Bear Paw in Coer D’Alene, ID is amazing. Jean found it for me, but wisely took me there an hour before our scheduled boat trip around the lake! Lol.

    1. Thanks for the info! My dad lives near Spokane. This is going on my list for a possible day trip from Dad’s.

  5. On our recent trip to Los Angeles, I didn’t visit any quilt shops but sure saw quilts everywhere, especially in the paths at the Huntington Japanese and Chinese Gardens and the marble floors at the Getty Villa.

    1. Oooh. I hope you took photos!

  6. Please tell us what ruler you bought that is now your favorite since a quilter can never have too many rulers.

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