Dear Maya, Thanks!


  1. That story sounds it is ready for a Public Radio station story telling show.

  2. Inspiring story that encourages me to continue to try something new and hit a new stride whether in the kitchen, sewing area, garden, or travel. Thank You!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your delightful story here. I loved it. And thanks for the creativity inspiration too.

  4. Love this quote! Especially enjoy your story of your culinary progression! Growing up, we enjoyed many meals of Mac and cheese and hot dogs!

  5. When I would teach quilting, I always struggled with students who would declare “I can’t do that” or I’m not creative like you are”. So hard to turn off those negative tapes in our heads.

  6. What wonderful words to remember when you get stuck with whatever you are creating. These are certainly words to remeber.

  7. Oh Dianne! You’ve given me a new name for those tries at a new recipe, or last minute adaptations of an old one, “Mom’s surprise!”
    Definitely heartening to see that creativity can keep nurturing us along.So hard to believe that you had ever felt that you were not creative… you’ve nurtured our quilt guild so much, and seem to always be exploring new techniques and designs. Thanks for a great Blog entry.

  8. Dianne, this is great! I guess we have all in one way or another had a foundation for our creativity…some out of necessity, and some out of choice.

    1. What a testimony to being willing to try. Inspiring and encouraging to continuing our creative journeys. Thanks Dianne.

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