1. Thanks for the links Liz. I just finished watching Cindy Needham’s video on pin bastng and picked up a couple of good tips. Old quilters can learn new tricks…Kathy

  2. Thank you, Liz, for sharing. I loved your article.

  3. We had World Book Encyclopedias at our house when we were growing up. Then, after I was married and the time was right, I bought a set for my household. As the kids got older, we also often pulled out one of the World Books for reference. It became my daughter-in-law’s favorite part of our family dinners. I’m with you, learning is the fun part of quilting and is probably part of the reason I have so much trouble finishing things.

  4. Liz, Inspiring article! Quilters in generally are always on the lookout for a new technique or tool. Having quilted for decades, I appreciate all the ‘new’ tools but also note that I have forgotten all the math formulas for calculating measurements. I have become depend on the tool for the math. Recently, I have returned to hand piecing, applique and quilting and was surprised it took me a little time to return to the old skills. Slowing down the entire quilting process has been wonderful! It’s not new but a return to skills of the past.

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