Challenges–Love ’em or Hate ’em


  1. I loved your comments, Dianne. I also need a shove into a wider comfort zone.

  2. We have had some amazing quilts created since the 2020 quilt challenge of 20 fabric, picked in 20 minutes and pieced into a 20×20 inch quilt. And I think the challenges gave us a distraction from Covid in those first couple of years. Whenever I hear ‘challenge’, my first reaction is generally ‘oh, dear!’ But with every challenge, I learn something new about myself and quilting. So glad we have November to share all our challenges with each other!

  3. I think sometimes challenges lead us to our biggest accomplishments and joys. It’s time to return to our childhood and just have fun!

  4. Inspiring. You have caused me to start thinking and planning.

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