Blue Tape?

What do you use to aid in your quilting process?

How about blue painter’s tape?  I have used it for the following:

  1. Attaching a paper bag to my sewing table to collect clipped threads and fabric bits.
  2. To stabilize a pattern or fusible web while tracing the pattern.
  3. Guide for hand or machine quilting.
  4. Guide for half square triangles (HST).
  5. Attach LED lighting for different machines (versus permanently attaching to one machine).
  6. Use as a design function: define a perimeter for quilt design and fill in with improv blocks or blocks of multiple sizes.  Add additional blocks, fabric or sashing to complete the quilt.
  7. Display quilt blocks at a quilt weekend or retreat.

What other ways do you use blue tape?  Leave your notes in the comments!

thread catcherStabilize patternsAttach lighting to machineGuideline for HST

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  1. I just used blue tape to mark my 12″ ruler at 7.5″ so I could square up some blocks. It helps keep me on the right lines.

  2. I love these blogs THANK YOU!!!

  3. I use it when pinning or basting a quilt. I tape the backing and batting to the floor.

  4. One more quilting use for the blue tape….I tape my backing fabric to the table, floor, or deck when layering a quilt in preparation for quilting. I tape the backing tight, not stretched, to the stable horizontal surface.
    Lay on the batting, spray baste (yes I spray baste), baste the batting to backing and then that to the top of the quilt. When finished I remove the tape from the backing. You have a single unit your based quilt ready to go to your domestic machine to quilt.

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