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This is our space to inspire and encourage each other. Use the button below to share your project with us. You will have the option to include your project on this Inspirations page, at the Show and Tell Inspirations meeting, or both. You can submit up to 5 photos of your project. Click Here to Submit Photos

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July 2024

Linda G

My grandson is turning 9 in July. He loves to fish with my husband. Whenever they are together, you will hear ‘Grandpa, can we go fishing?’ Linda's Birthday Banner

Lisa Poehlitz

“Steampunk Fairytale” I really loved the fabrics when I saw this quilt! It is a Quiltworx pattern and paper-pieced. It is my 2nd quilt by this designer.

Lisa Poehlitz

“Christmas Cactus” When looking for a tree skirt pattern I found this on a Facebook post. I loved the uncluttered lines and contrasting colors. It was my first Quiltworx paper-pieced pattern and a I learned a lot.

Maggie Johnsen

My son, a former Marine, served two tours in Afghanistan. Over the years, I’ve saved quite a collection of Marines fabric, and was overjoyed when he asked me to make a quilt for him. It had to be something really special in honor of his service, so I decided upon Mariners compass. This HST setting beautifully frames the compass and created a king size quilt for his 36 birthday.

Teresa Koster

When I retired from my summer job, I was given a gift card to a quilt shop. I purchased the pattern and the fabric and made the quilt top and then it sat in a bag for 8 years. Until I finally got it out and quilted it.

Deb Brookens

Small group (Ladies of the Cloth) challenge. Hated paper piecing until I really got into it about block 50.

Marcia Sanderman

“She Came To Her Senses” Our small group took on this challenge. We quickly realized it would be a multi-year project. I didn’t want a large quilt so started reducing the blocks by 50%. After about 30 littles I tried making the 3 inch size. I quickly “came to my senses” and made the larger blocks. When I needed more small ones I was quite selective in my choices. Highly recommend Sam Hunters Fourteen Squared pattern for a pieced back.

Nancy Watts

“Magical Illusion” The dark blue and blue flower fabric was won at June Inspirations. I have challenged myself to make something from that fabric for our next meeting. One difficulty was needing more fabric and trying to use every bit that I had! Also, 30 degree triangles have lots of bias!! It was fun to get all of the pieces facing the correct way.

Vickie Rooks

“Hot Sauce” In March, I won a bundle of red and orange fabrics from the Inspiration meeting. I made a top but I felt it needed something so I added appliqued circles in a variety of sizes. I used up the extra fabric pieces in a border and on the back.

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