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October 2023

Jean Moore-Vollmer

I saw this quilt online and knew I just had to make it. The colors and the techniques were just so catchy. I love the finished quilt!

Ruth Turler

Found this kit on sale during a pre-pandemic Shop Hop and was intrigued by the curves. It was fun to make. During the pandemic shutdown, I wanted to complete it so raided my stash for backing fabric and came up with this backing based loosely on John Flynn’s diagonal backing method. This quilt is now on its way to Maui where it will hopefully bring comfort to a wildfire victim.

Rosalie Movius

A neighbor asked if I could use his father’s shirts to make an apron in memory of his father. Then he asked if I could also make one for his sister. It is difficult to estimate the time ($) to do an unusual project. Cutting up the shirts and ironing with starch took more time than I expected.

Linda G

My sister-in-law gave me the pattern. I added yellow and red pumpkins to the design because I am not fond of orange so don’t have lots of orange in my stash. Love the red and yellow additions. The quilt will hang above a bed in the Fall. Fun to piece!

Janice Healy

Doernbecher babies win again. I hope others will also join in on a charity project. Aloha Sew and Vac has started a 10 am to 3 pm pillowcase project for children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses on the fourth Monday of the month. Bring your serger, rotary cutter and ruler and fabric to donate. Barreto style pillow cases is the name of the game. Come join the fun.

Cydney Gordon

I love Star quilts and when I was asked by my church to make a quilt for raffle, I looked for an easy and graphic design that would appeal to many tastes. This pattern checked all the boxes. I loved making it. Of course I hoped it would have enough interest to make good money! And it did. Over $1000! Win/win!

Kathy White

I used a kit someone assembled from fabrics in the CARES closet at Montevilla. I enjoyed the challenge of putting these particular, somewhat unrelated, fabrics together in a way that was pleasing to the eye.

Teresa Koster

I just had to do one more Dream Big panel. When I was challenged to do this rose I accepted. I used two layers of Quilters Dream wool. I love the texture that it gave it.

Teresa Koster

My niece had this beautiful little girl, who I just had to make a sweet little blanket for. It is super soft and cuddly.

Marcia Sanderman

Three more pot holders made as hostess gifts for a reunion of lifelong friends. Continuing to master this technique and loving it.Marcia Cathedral Windows

Marcia Sanderman

I was asked to make a permanent banner for my church. However I was given less than a month to complete it. Of course, this was the time my machine decided not to communicate with the embroidery module. So using a loaner machine I was able to complete. Due to the tight time frame, the quilt travelled overnight to Florida to be quilted by Teresa Koster.

Julie Rinder

This is Korona Kachina. Nearly all of the fabrics were used to make masks in 2020. Many ideas incorporated into the quilt came from guild meetings: e.g., the hanging sleeve, the appliqued circles on the back, using the back of fabric, and using zig-zag stitches to alter the look of the fabric. Skills learned include machine quilting. Embellishments include feathers, beads, sequins and embroidery. I am most proud of the hexagons on the back.

Tea and Stitches Circle Challenge

Jean Moore-Vollmer

I love rainbows and saw this circle challenge as a chance to make another little rainbow quilt for my sewing room.

Rosalie Movius

This was our small group challenge. We wanted to use circles, both Linda G.’ and Nancy Watts’ favorite shape. It is so fun to let the design emerge from my imagination.

Linda G

A small sew group challenge: Inset circles! I used freezer paper technique for both inset and appliqué as well as Phillips Cut-A-Round for insets. The trick is to not mess up when adding circles to circles. Bigger circles are easier than smaller circles. Fun project. Quilt will be donated to Hopewell House.

Nancy Watts

This quilt was made for two challenges. One was for my small quilt group: make something with circles. The second challenge was to use my winning fabric from the March, 2023 drawing. The back was made with scraps from the front design. The piece is used as a table runner.

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