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December 2023

Bette King

“Table Play” I took a workshop with Jennifer Sampou at Asilimar. It was so fun especially because my sister was there too. I hadn’t seen her for more than a year.

Bette King

“Evening Star” I took a workshop with Jennifer Sampou at Asilimar. This was the star pattern I made.

Rosalie Movius

“Modern in Red, White, and Black” I was inspired by our MPS presenter, David Owens Hasting to try something “modern”. Sewing straight lines in a contrasting color is a challenge. I also double stitched all of the red to help the lines stand out.

Eleanor Heikkinen

“Sew Happy” is made with machine embroidery. I love all the sewing tools and bright colors on it. I love seeing it. It hangs in the bedroom. It’s the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.Eleanor's "Sew Happy"

Dawn White

“Going Places” The quilt top was made in 2017 as a class sample for a beginning quiltmaking class I was teaching. It recently occurred to me that it would make a great car quilt for my sister Diane’s blue Subaru Forester, especially because she has valances in her garage made (by me) from the same French provincial border fabric.

Christie Frey

“Family Mystery” Kit was developed by my mom two decades ago for a family mystery quilting activity. It was fun to finish this kit hidden in my stash. It was also a great skill builder.

Vickie Rooks

“Microwave Cozies” I have made bowl cozies for about 10 years but always starting with a 10″ square for my cereal and soup bowls. I had a kitchen disaster recently involving a pasta bowl, burnt fingers, a broken bowl and a mess all over the stove. This prompted me to expand my cozy collection.

Linda G

“Christmas Wall Hanging” So excited with the magic of the 32 point compass – outer points are cut with 28.75 degree cuts and inner pieces are cut with 60 degrees. The compass is inset into the background. While making the red/gold compass began to wonder about making just a green wreath. Wreath quilt follows.

Linda G

“Christmas Wreath” The ‘what if’ I made the compass with greens that have similar values. Would it look like a wreath? It did especially when I added a few Holly appliqué leaves with red berries. My husband says the two Christmas wall hangings are among my best. Great fun!!

Linda G

“Ice and Snow” Wanted to give my neighbors a quilt for the Holidays and winter months as their Christmas gifts. I enjoy making the compass and setting it into circles.

Judy Liebo

“Hanging Beauties” I needed a smaller Christmas quilt for our new place and was short on time. This just fit the bill and I love how it turned out. I only used 5 of the 8 ornaments so plan on making another even smaller one for another room in our building.

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