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July/August 2023

Bette K

I have wanted to make all of my grandkids a hand quilted quilt. I recently realized I hadn’t made my two youngest one. This one I made for my 17 year old even though I can’t do the hand quilting anymore. He likes it, but I think he will appreciate it more when he is older.Bette Blue Rhapsody

Claudia J

Handwork! Each block measures 1.5” square. I used the templates for curvelets. Itty bitty hand sewn curves.
Glue stick with a bright yellow glue is a huge help. Yellow glue stick for fabric to fabric gluing. First time I wrapped the backing to the front to make a binding. Not a fan.

Liz M

I made this table runner for my daughter and her family.
The inspiration came from a Pat Sloan pattern, “Oh My Stars”. I adjusted the pattern to have the stars centered and spaced them evenly. It is quilted with straight lines with my walking foot and I bound it with a flange binding.

Linda G

A birthday banner for my 8 year old grandson. He just started playing little league and loves the game. He announced the banner was one of the best.

Linda G

A dear neighbor is going thru clinical trials for cancer and ‘Sunshine’ was made to give support. I mixed lots of stash fabrics. I was excited because I made an adaptation to use the CutARound to construct the inset circles.

Becky S

Lesson learned with wool batting…Wilma and I finished hand quilting this in 2019. Is was lovely!
Unfortunately the quilt was soiled and required washing. To hasten the drying, I put it in the dryer and felted it.
Had to take out millions of hand stitches and bitty threads! Elisa Corcoran requilted by machine 2023.

Becky S

New Bernina 790! Starting efforts learning to machine quilt, made these doll quilts, Jacquie Gering walking technique. These were made to go with the wool felt dolls I made, using “Luna Lapin Making New Friends” by Sarah Peel. Here is Luna the rabbit, Owen the squirrel, and Daisy the lamb. They are about 15” tall. Hand stitched bodies, sewn clothes.

Dawn W

I wish I could say I pieced these blocks but I actually bought an unfinished top at the MPS silent auction last August. Unbeknownst to me, the top was made by my good friend Vivienne Moore! She had donated it to the auction through two MPS members who are also friends of hers. Lucky me! I added a wide border and had it quilted with a lovely edge-to-edge feather motif.

Rosalie M

The main fabric was donated by an MPS member and I loved it immediately. My house is a “mid century” modern house and I thought the fabric really jazzed up this room divider that I found at the Restore store.Rosalie Room Divider

Rosalie M

I was sorting out my stash of plaids to make a donation for the MPS auction and remembered this article that I had clipped out of the September 2014 issue of American Quilter. So I went ahead and made a similar quilt but still donated lots of plaids to the auction.

Janice Healy

They are quilted, zippered bags filled with hygiene items for Romanian orphan’s summer camp. I made 100 bags!

Nancy W

I wanted to make something special for my son’s 50th birthday. I’d never made a hexi quilt and this one was a challenge….44 fabrics, 121 pieces and 5,000+ stitches. The pieces are 1” and all sewn by hand. The quilting is by machine. The binding was tough due to the shape. The pattern is original.

Nancy W

I won some of these fabrics at “Inspirations” in April. While browsing on Pinterest I saw the pattern referred to above. I used it as inspiration and changed it. I drew the pathway and think of it as life’s path. The horizontal pieces became hurdles and ladders while the colors are for bright or sometimes challenging times in life. The quilting accentuates the design.

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