1. If I recall correctly, the made-up national parks quilt is on a wall at both Aloha Sew & Vac in Hillsboro, and Ace Sew & Vac in Tigard. Thank you for the nice story!

  2. Diane, what a fabulous experience for all of you! The Tetons are so magnificent and emblematic of the National Parks – and that lovely quilted depiction of Park wildlife is also magnificent.

  3. Many years ago while traveling from Montana, my husband and I stopped at a motel just off the freeway in Ritzville, Washington. We checked in and while walking to our room, I finally noticed everything in the motel was decorated with quilt blocks and quilt pictures. Quilt blocks were in the wall paper, all the framed art had a quilt theme, the rooms had quilts draped on the beds and the check in/ breakfast area had hanging quilts. Wow! Who puts quilts on every wall – wallpaper, pictures and hanging quilts? I just checked the motel’s website and all the quilt theme decorations are gone …. some things are only experienced once I guess.

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