All I Want for Christmas…2019


  1. Hey Thank you! I wondered how you used Bobbin Buddies! Yeah I have had them and well, I suppose there are only so many gadgets one can have before it encroaches in on the space for the fabric!

    Another great idea is to collect a few spools of different threads for sewing. Lighter weights (higher numbers) for sewing (Coats & Clark is 30 wt), Silk is 100wt. See, there is room for many more weights. Often you will see 3/60 That is the number of the ply (fine threads twisted together as one) and the weight of the thread.
    Numbers can go down for heaver thread for hand work or embroidery. There are some 12wt threads that are great for blanket sticking around appliqué giving it a folks look.
    Color? Shades of Tan or Gray blend best for piecing.

  2. Got it! Thanks for the great ideas!

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