1. I LOVE working within constraints. It’s especially motivating if the rules are arbitrary or random. I find rules are an impetus to be even more creative – finding a way to follow the letter of the law but with unusual interpretations. You can’t “think outside the box” unless you first put yourself in the box.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Timna’s lecture and trunk show at our February meeting. She spoke to Northwest Quilters also though I can’t remember if that was pre-COVID or not. I remember her egg quilt and map quilts from the previous time I saw her work. At the MPS meeting she had several new quilts to share. I was very inspired by her animal quilts. Thank you to our program chair Rosalie for bringing her to us!

  3. I really enjoyed her talk! She has a “rule” for each quilt but allows her creativity to expand the rule. Lots of good ideas to spark your next project.

  4. I think our guild challenges are like having a rule. Using 20 fabrics from our stash, etc. So that is the fun and challenge of it. Rosalie

  5. It was a great showing! Thanks for bringing her here.

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