1. I really enjoyed this exhibit and I especially enjoyed viewing it with other quilters. I’m keeping my eyes open for other sources of inspiration. I hope we can all get together again for an exhibit at the Portland Art Museum or one of the many gardens around Portland.

  2. It was so interesting to see the connection between weaving and computers and we had a good trip down memory lane looking at the punch cards many of us remembered from
    College! Thank you for a great afternoon everyone! The first displayed piece and the story behind it was worth the whole trip!

  3. Highly recommend this exhibit. This was so much fun!

    1. I loved seeing the exhibit with like-minded friends and then going to Zags for Happy Hour. I got to know some of our guild members better, and that was a bonus.

  4. thanks for the write up Dianne. A great show. Very sorry I missed it! Amazing work!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful outing! Sorry I couldn’t come, but reinforces for me the many interesting initiatives of our Guild.Thank you Dawn for taking the lead! The images in this blog post were fascinating.

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