1. It was a perfect day! So good to see MPS members face to face again and, of course, take in the loveliness of the quilts. Kudos to Rosalie and thanks to Nancy, Sara, Linda, and Bette for opening their wonderful gardens to us!

  2. Enjoyed the quilts and the weather. Glad these are posted; there are many to inspire me for future quilt making

  3. Perfect day with beautiful quilts and gardens

  4. I really enjoyed the Garden Quilt Show! So fun to meet other members in person and tour the beautiful gardens and quilts!

  5. This is a thrilling slide show! I believe this multi-location quilt show has the Sisters Quilt Show beat! We have the most talented bunch of designers and patchwork artists imaginable. Thank you for posting memorable event.

  6. The show was beautiful! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, It was so nice to be connected again face to face with quilting peeps!😀🌻

  7. Wonderful. Very Sisters-esque! So good to see so many in person again. Thanks all.

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