1. Thank you everyone for your support and interest in donating comfort quilts to residents of Hopewell House! I am available to answer any questions, can can be reached at jillcitro@hotmail.com or 503-758-3445 ~Jill Citro, Quilting Program Coordinator for Friends of Hopewell House

  2. I’m glad Hopewell House is re-opening. (A close friend is on the board.) It will be a pleasure to make and donate quilts to those receiving hospice care there.

  3. So thankful to hear about this need. Was looking for a place to give to.

  4. It is so awesome that they have a longarm quilter willing to do the quilting as this is often a stumbling block for me (and maybe more of us) when doing quilt donations!
    My questions are: do we donate backing and batting? Perhaps also ready-to-go binging? Or does the quilted quilt come back to us for binding? Thanks?

    1. Hello Ruth! This is Jill, the Quilting Program Coordinator for Hopewell House. At this time, we don’t quite have the resources to provide backing, batting or binding. As we receive more donations, we may be able to provide this in the future. For now, we would collect a top, backing and batting from you, have it quilted, and then ideally return to you for binding. The binding step is probably something we could find another volunteer (or myself!) to do, though, if that is a difficult step for you to complete. I hope this answers your questions, and please feel free to reach out to me any time!

  5. Hopewell House was so missed during the years it was closed. Several of my patients spent their last weeks at Hopewell House and I so appreciate their work at giving comfort to families and patients at the end of life. This is a wonderful project and I hope folks from our guild will participate.

  6. Perhaps we could collect any donations at our silent auction. I would be happy to connect with Hopewell House and take our donatons.

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